So…Big Sham Is F*cked. Didn’t Take Long

So England Manager Big Sham Allardyce has already been caught on camera doing some dodgy deals with a bunch of fake businessmen, all in the aid of making a quick buck.

looks-like-sam-allardyce-just-received-nudes-during-england-training-englandWe now know who he’s on the phone to…

He’s f*cked. Not surprised at what he’s done but I’m surprised at how short of time he’s done it! These secret films were made BEFORE his first England training session. Now that’s quick!

The need for greed from the fat b*stard is more then I ever imagined.

Good job Sam. You’ve thrown away your dream job for what…? A few hundred thousand that you will never see.

Dumb as you are greedy. Useless ****

Author: The Ginger Pirlo

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